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Testing the Vango´s Banshee Pro 200

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango Searching for a two people tent, easy to pitch (hate "tetris" tents), minimum weight and if it´s possible better if i don´t have to sell my car to pay for it...

Looks like a classified adv. but that was my idea looking for a tent for the past month 2 days activities in the Picos.

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango
I´ve tested, slept in, pitched and unpitched, carried and broke quite a few tents in the last 20 years all ranges of quality and price so i have enough good eye to judge a tent.

Only 2,39 kg. if you put away  the tent, poles and pegs bags, the weight reaches just 2.16 kg. for a tent with flysheet, 15 pegs, 2 poles and 5 guylines.
Banshee Pro 200 de Vango I do like the details from the moment you open the bag, a really wide bag, usually or at least for me it´s really difficult to put the tents back into their bags, much more if i´m in a hurry...
Banshee Pro 200 de Vango

In this case that problem doesn´t exist, even if you unpitch and run on a rainy morning, just bend and fold into the bag and the compression straps will compact it.

Let´s do the "unboxing" as those "influencers" say, so let´s open the package...
We just talked about weight but still is impressive when you hold it...

Light tent bag with two compression straps that will survive even in the hands of somebody like me, sew to it are the pitching instructions, just in case...

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango
15 very light aluminium pegs but real pegs, remember it´s not self-supporting so this pegs are important to hold our tent.
The poles are really thin made in Power-Lite 7001-T6 made by Yunan. They are colour coded (one blue, one orange) even though is quite clear one is longer than the other...

And a small emergency kit with a piece to repair poles and a small flysheet fabric.
The inner tent is attached to the flysheet once you lift the tent everything goes in the right place.

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango The guylines are fixed alredy to the tent and once you pitch it just add the correct tension and the tent is ready to resist real strong winds...

Let´s go!
1º Unfold the tent, extend the poles and once you identify the colour code on the tent pass them and fix.
2º Once they are fixed, the poles get the standard curve for the tunnel shape but till the guylines are tensioned the tent won´t be standing.

3º Add tension to the lines and go inside! They have reflective fibers to let you know where tehy are even in low light conditions.

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango
Once it´s pitched (6 to 7  minutes) we can see the tunnel shape with two entrances and two adult space inside, packs can be stored on the door space once emptied. It´s a lightweight design so think everything is really adjusted.

Ventilation inside it´s very good with the mesh fabric on the inner´s top, and ther is an smal window you can open if needed. Couple pockets are on the sidewall for headlamp or similar...

 TBS® II Tension Band System
Banshee Pro 200 de Vango

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango I´ve tested it with really strong winds, and i didn´t need to add the extra tension you can get with the roof tension sistem you can control from inside.

A real three season tent, low profile against the wind and water resistant (5000 mm hydrostatic head )
Fast pitching and even faster to unpitch and pack if you are in a hurry. This one has suffer couple of september storms without a problem.

With this low weight, and the easy pitching sistem it´s a hard worker member of the crew, for mountaneers who look for a quality tent with a really adjust price.

To enjoy sunsets like Collado Jermoso ones...

Banshee Pro 200 de Vango

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